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⚠️ Note from the developers: We are currently in the process of moving our documentation and so the below documentation is only partially correct. For more information on this tool please checkout our plugin documentation.

Bitops Plugin for Terraform#


terraform plugin uses bitops.config.yaml located in the operations repo when deploying resources using terraform scripts.

Example bitops.config.yaml, minimum required#

terraform: {}

Example 2 bitops.config.yaml#

        var-file: my-vars.tfvars
            - terraform.module.resource
            - KEY1=foo
            - KEY2=bar
        stack-action: "plan"
        workspace: test

The terraform plugin will run terraform init and terraform plan on every execution.

Run BitOps with the environmental variable TERRAFORM_APPLY set to true or set stack-action in the bitops.config.yaml file to apply to run terraform apply.

CLI and options configuration of Terraform bitops.schema.yaml#

Terraform BitOps Schema#


Property Environment Variable CLI Argument Description Default Required
var-file BITOPS_TF_VAR_FILE --var-file Terraform Varaible file null No
targets BITOPS_TF_TARGETS --target null No
backend-config --KEY1=foo --KEY2=bar null No
stack-action BITOPS_TERRAFORM_COMMAND Controls what terraform command to run. e.g. apply, destroy, etc. plan No

Options Configuration#

Property Environment Variable Description Default Required
skip-deploy TERRAFORM_SKIP_DEPLOY If set to true, regardless of the stack-action, deployment actions will be skipped. false No
workspace BITOPS_TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE Will select a terraform workspace using terraform workspace new $TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE ||terraform workspace select $TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE prior to running other terraform commands. null No

Additional Environment Variable Configuration#

Although not captured in bitops.config.yaml, the following environment variables can be set to further customize behavior. Set the value of the environmental variable to true to enable its behavior.

Variable Description
TERRAFORM_SKIP_DEPLOY Will skip all terraform executions. This supersedes all other configurations.
TERRAFORM_APPLY Will force call terraform apply.
TERRAFORM_DESTROY Will force call terraform destroy.
INIT_UPGRADE Will add --upgrade flag to the init command.