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⚠️ Note from the developers: We are currently in the process of moving our documentation and so the below documentation is only partially correct. For more information on this tool please checkout our plugin documentation.


Example bitops.config.yaml#

    namespace: bitops
    timeout: 60s
     - "key1=value1"
     - "key2=value2"
    debug: false
    atomic: true
    force: true
    dry-run: true
    skip-deploy: false
    release-name: bitops-release
    uninstall-charts: "chart1,chart2"
      path: ./path/to/kubeconfig
        enabled: true
        cluster-name: my-cluster

CLI Configuration#

Property Environment Variable Description Default Required
namespace NAMESPACE Namespace scope for this project null Yes
timeout TIMEOUT Time to wait for any individual Kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks) 500s
set HELM_SET_FLAG List of "key=value" strings to pass in to helm via --set {}
debug HELM_DEBUG Enable verbose helm output null
atomic If set, the installation process deletes the installation on failure null
force Sets helm's --force flag null
dry-run Simulate an install null

Options Configuration#

Property Environment Variable Description Default Required
skip-deploy HELM_SKIP_DEPLOY Will skip helm execution null
release-name HELM_RELEASE_NAME Sets helm release name null
uninstall HELM_UNINSTALL If true, this chart will be uninstalled instead of deployed/upgraded. If the environment variable HELM_UNINSTALL is passed into the container, all BitOps-managed charts for a given environment will be uninstalled. null
kubeconfig configure cluster access. Has the following child-properties. Should provide one of path or fetch. Defaults to fetch fetch
kubeconfig.path KUBE_CONFIG_PATH Relative file path to .kubeconfig file null
kubeconfig.fetch Fetch kubeconfig using cloud provider auth
kubeconfig.fetch.enabled FETCH_KUBECONFIG enables/disables kubeconfig.fetch true
kubeconfig.fetch.cluster-name CLUSTER_NAME Cloud kubernetes cluster name for kubeconfig fetching. null

Plugin Configuration#

This section of bitops.config.yaml is unique to helm and allows the customization of helm plugins

S3 Plugin#

Configure helm s3 plugin with the following properties

Property Environment Variable Description Default Required
s3.region HELM_PLUGIN_S3_REGION AWS region containing s3 bucket
s3.bucket HELM_CHARTS_S3_BUCKET AWS s3 bucket name

Additional Environment Variable Configuration#

Although not captured in bitops.config.yaml, the following environment variables can be set to further customize behavior.

Environmental Variable Description
HELM_SKIP_DEPLOY Will skip all helm executions. This supersedes all other configurations.
HELM_UNINSTALL_CHARTS Comma-separated string. If any of the charts to be deployed match one of the chart names listed here, it will be uninstalled with helm uninstall $HELM_RELEASE_NAME instead of deployed/upgraded.