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This is a BitOps roadmap. It represents our current project direction. BitOps is still a young project under brainstorming and heavy development.

If there’s something you need or have an idea, remember: this is Open Source. Create an Issue, open a Discussion, join our Community and we'll be happy to work on shaping the project's future together.


  • Documentation: Getting started guide
  • Documentation: BitOps vs other tools comparison
  • CLI: Ops repo generator
  • Plugins: Custom version pinning
  • Community: Ops repo catalog
  • Core: Integration tests
  • Plugins: Automated testing and validation
  • Core: Run a deployment sub-step per tool
  • Core: Schema validation and error reporting
  • Plugins: Support for private repositories
  • Core: Schema validation and enhancements

Check the main repository branch to see the ongoing development.

Release History#

In Development#

Done in v2.5.0#

  • Core: Ops repo bitops.config.yaml override and deployment sequence control
  • Core: Unit tests

Done in v2.4.0#

  • Plugins: ENV variable mapping based on plugin schema
  • Plugins: Plugin CLI command generation based on schema (beta)
  • Website: Revamp with new video and list of BitOps values
  • Community: Switch from Slack to Discord
  • Community: Add non-stop user survey

Done in v2.3.0#

  • Security: Secrets masking
  • Core: Local plugin install via file://

Done in v2.2.0#

  • Core Real-time command output streaming
  • Code pylint static code analyser for improving the python standards

Done in v2.1.0#

  • Community: Start bi-weekly BitOps Community Meetings
  • Plugins: Package the latest tools versions by default in the official BitOps image
  • Code: Introduce black tool for enforcing the common python code formatting style

Done in v2.0.0#

  • Core: Rewrite the engine with Python instead of bash
  • Plugins: New system to compose the BitOps image with the custom tools
  • Plugins: Plugins catalog
  • Images: New official images: omnibus, aws-ansible, aws-terraform, aws-helm
  • Releases: New docker tagging strategy

Done in v1.0.0#

  • Ops Repository concept
  • Initial implementation in bash