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⚠️ Note from the developers: We are currently in the process of moving our documentation and so the below documentation is only partially correct. For more information on this tool please check out our plugin documentation.


⚠️ bitops.config.yaml is not yet supported for AWS (TODO). All configurations must be done with environment variables.


Item BitOps Property Environmental Variable Description Default Required
aws_access_key_id TODO AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID Specifies an AWS access key associated with an IAM user or role. See AWS official documentation null Yes
aws_secret_access_key TODO AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY Specifies the secret key associated with the access key. This is essentially the "password" for the access key. See AWS official documentation null Yes
aws_default_region TODO AWS_DEFAULT_REGION Specifies the AWS Region to send the request to. See AWS official documentation null Yes
aws_session_token TODO AWS_SESSION_TOKEN Specifies the session token value that is required if you are using temporary security credentials that you retrieved directly from AWS STS operations. See AWS official documentation null No